Alpine Truss

We have a diverse and vibrant business community with a range of great opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers. 

Major industries

Wangaratta is a major manufacturing hub and we have many major brands calling Wangaratta home. The sector is diverse and includes aviation products, heavy machinery, chemicals and plastics, fabricated metals, textiles, beverage and food processing. 

Thanks to rich soils, consistent rainfall and climate, agriculture is another of our major industries. We produce quality beef, lamb, diary, cereal crops and world-class wines, along with several niche products such as hazelnuts, kiwi fruit, walnuts, chestnuts, stone fruit, berries, and hops. 

Our tourism sector is growing, with new providers taking the opportunity to showcase the beauty of our region to visitors. We have diverse range of activities and attractions including world-class wineries and restaurants, craft breweries, cycle routes, nature based activities as well as arts & culture. The region is surrounded by national parks with walks and trails available in the Warby-Ovens National Park and the Alpine National Park.  

Our healthcare offering is strong and as a result, is a major employer. We have a public and private hospital, primary care, community health services and several aged care facilities.

Finally, our thriving CBD is home to a number of retail outlets. Development and beautification of the centre will help this sector to grow into the future.