Time to go chasing waterfalls!

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Time to go chasing waterfalls!

Let's be real, waterfalls are among the most beautiful sites that Mother Nature has provided us with and whoever said you shouldn’t go chasing waterfalls, had clearly not experienced the absolute joy of discovering these gushing magical environments peppered among Wangaratta and surrounds!

Our very own backyard provides the backdrop for some magnificent cascades alongside meandering waterways, swimming spots and awe-inspiring bushwalks. Adventure along gentle gradients, undulating terrain and follow tracks that will lead you to spilling chutes and spectacular views.


Whether it be Paradise Falls, Dandongadale Falls or Barry Falls, it's time to start planning a day trip as even with the slightest trickle, the rock formations are a remarkable sight. Make the most of a sunny day, give your legs a stretch and feel the spray on your face as you discover these mystical spots in our region. Even better, many of our best waterfalls are close to each other so you could even take in more than one!

So forget what TLC said, pack a picnic, prepare to take in the view, get to know your backyard and continue to help our region get back on its feet!