Time for a tree change?

Published on 02 December 2020

Young family enjoying the country views leaning against a fence. Parents laughing with glasses of red wine in their hands

2020 has forced many of us to re-evaluate our lifestyle; the way we work, the way we use our free time and the way we connect with others. The hustle and bustle of city life has been a proven fruition, and up until now it has seemed like the most obvious place for career progression and an ultra-social lifestyle.

However, we bet this thought has crossed your mind at some point recently – is the city really where I want to live? What would life be like if I tried something different? Is it worth the ludicrous sum of money for a one-bedroom apartment in the city?

Indeed, the fear of picking your life up and moving away from the status quo is perhaps what puts many people off. But with the lack of housing affordability, space and safety in the big city, now could be the perfect time to switch your tiny 1-bedroom apartment for a spacious 4-bedroom country home you’ve been dreaming of. If we haven’t already convinced you that the grass is in fact greener in regional Victoria, here are a few reasons why you should consider as tree-change in Wangaratta.

A little bit about Wangaratta

Boasting a peaceful, country lifestyle, the Rural City of Wangaratta has the best of both worlds with all the benefits of wide-open countryside backed back by a progressive city centre. Around 2.5 hours’ drive from Melbourne, Wangaratta oozes country charm, with all the perks of a city lifestyle without the price tag, and a few extras! And better still, the city is never too far away with an easy jump onto the Hume Freeway or by train.

Let’s talk about food.

Many of you may be wondering, how will I ever fill the food and cultural void of Melbourne? Home to some of the country’s finest food and wine producers, Wangaratta has a thriving café and restaurant culture, nestled amongst a peaceful, regional setting. A quiet Sunday morning coffee (yes, you can actually get a seat and better yet, a park!) or a cosy lunch, you’ll wonder why you ever waited in a long line for a great coffee. Smaller townships such as Milawa and the King Valley are also just short drive from the rural city to indulge in a delicious day out, where you’ll find some Australia’s finest producers including the Milawa Cheese Company, the King River Brewery and Dal Zotto Wines. 

Work Opportunities

When it comes to job prospects, Wangaratta is going from strength to strength. The city is home to a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, healthcare as well as a solid retail sector perfectly suited to a small business or for someone who wants to be their own boss without the astronomical overheads of city shopfronts. Best of all, for those who are working from home, high speed internet connection and spacious backyards make for the best home office. For those days you need to head into the office, take a direct three-hour train ride to Southern Cross Station. 

No need to live in a shoebox

There is something special about the Wangaratta lifestyle. With around 29,000 residents, Wangaratta is much more than a regional city. Perhaps one of the biggest drawcards is the housing affordability, with the average house price hovering around $338,000, a staggering difference to the average Melbourne house price of $809,000. Better yet, you can have a very generous backyard for the dogs, a substantial veggie patch and plenty of room for entertaining friends and family. All the important considerations for providing the right kind of life for your family. 

Nature’s Playground

With some of Victoria’s premier natural attractions your doorstep, including the High Country, Mount Buffalo and the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail, Wangaratta is the true definition of a tree-change. You’ll quickly find yourself spending weekends riding along some of the most renowned cycling trails, fishing, hiking and taking in that fresh, country air. You’ll be blown away by the starry night sky too!

Offering the perfect blend of city benefits and country charm, a move to Wangaratta might just be the perfect city escape to help reinvigorate your lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for?