Change your home office view

Published on 07 December 2020

Two ladies jogging along River Red Gum lined walking track

In a year where many of us have switched our office desks for the dining room table, you may be feeling a little stir crazy, and rightly so. With nearly a third of the Australian population working from home or remotely in this past year, we bet at some point you’ve questioned whether you need to live close to the office at all anymore.  

With remote working and learning revolutionising the way we conduct business and education, many Victorians are starting to act on their dreams of greener pastures and spacious living environments with a tree change to regional Victoria. If you find yourself in that boat, we’re here to tell you why you should choose the thriving, rural city of Wangaratta.

Offering a unique blend of urban sophistication with regional charm, Wangaratta combines the best of both worlds, with a thriving café and arts culture as well spacious blocks of land and natural scenery to take your breath away.

Upgrade your home office to something bigger

With most properties in the region boasting larger homes, spacious backyards and comfortable living for a portion of the price tag, Wangaratta makes a great environment for your home office. For those after a more social working environment, why not replicate the office, without the one-hour commute and limited space? Wangaratta is home to several co-working spaces to give you a break from all the alone time, with high grade optic available to keep you connected. 

Collaborative work spaces

A collaborative, community led space, Jewellers Coworking offers productive, spacious meeting and study areas right in the heart of Wangaratta. With WiFi, a kitchen, printing facilities and plenty of entertainment, be sure to seize your opportunity to work amongst a group of likeminded individuals in a friendly and shared space. For those more digitally inclined, be sure to check out Wangaratta Digital, a hub like facilities which offers easy, affordable access to a range of digital technologies, skill development opportunities and support networks. Supported by state government funding, Wangaratta Digital adjoins to the Wangaratta Library and is surrounded by plenty of food and beverage options to tantilise your tastebuds! Best Best of all? Melbourne’s CBD is a 3-hour journey away via the Hume Freeway or by train, for those days you may need to visit the office on the odd occasion.

Find a new local coffee shop

With a thriving food and café culture, you definitely won’t be giving up your delicious morning coffee. Wangaratta is renowned for its incredible produce, making it a tantilising destination for food and coffee snobs alike. From lattes made with love and locally sourced ingredients to gourmet courses or even a sweet treat, you’ll be sure to find the right mix to tantalise your taste buds. Be sure to stop by Madem Espresso for a little slice of Swan Street, minus the traffic and overcrowding!

Adventure on your doorstep

Best of all? Spend your weekends enjoying some of Australia’s premier natural attractions, with the Warby Ovens River, the Great Alpine National Park and many other scenic outdoor experiences right on your doorstep. With over 60 walking and tracks and cycling trails to be enjoyed in the area, you’ll definitely have plenty to talk about during your next ZOOM meeting.

So, the question remains, why are you still working from your dining room table when you could be enjoying sweeping views of some of Victoria’s most pristine natural scenery?  With the space and fresh air you’ve always dreamed of, your new home office will be sure to make your colleagues jealous!